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Title : The 3 Greatest Gifts We Can Give Our Children

The 3 greatest gifts we can give our children are:

1) Motivation
2) More Confidence
3) Self Esteem

There is a new product that will help parents and grandparents instill confidence and self esteem in children and motivate them to always do their best.

If you have kids or grand kids, take 3 minutes and see for yourself how this can help you.

If you know someone who has kids or is a grandparent, please pass this on to them.

Thank you


Children in Gaza have no way to escape violence

Those children just grow up to what they see. A circle of violence.

Anderson Cooper 360

This report contains images of violence that may be difficult for some viewers

Israeli airstrikes have killed more than 650 Palestinians and wounded nearly 4,000. All too often, it is the youngest residents of Gaza who are caught in the middle of this violence. Ben Wedeman reports on the crisis.

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