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Title : The 3 Greatest Gifts We Can Give Our Children

The 3 greatest gifts we can give our children are:

1) Motivation
2) More Confidence
3) Self Esteem

There is a new product that will help parents and grandparents instill confidence and self esteem in children and motivate them to always do their best.

If you have kids or grand kids, take 3 minutes and see for yourself how this can help you.

If you know someone who has kids or is a grandparent, please pass this on to them.

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Children in Gaza have no way to escape violence

Those children just grow up to what they see. A circle of violence.

Anderson Cooper 360

This report contains images of violence that may be difficult for some viewers

Israeli airstrikes have killed more than 650 Palestinians and wounded nearly 4,000. All too often, it is the youngest residents of Gaza who are caught in the middle of this violence. Ben Wedeman reports on the crisis.

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Feel and Look Great This Spring/Summer

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How do you deal with the dirty secret of mental illness in a memoir?

Great Post!

Live to Write - Write to Live

Mental illness, these days it runs rife in all of our lives, if not most of our families and for some of us, it might even be a way of life. While it may be charming to write about Aunt Dot’s confusing a hat stand for a man, or mom’s forgetting for the second time that day where she left her keys (that would be me) it’s not really fun to document a person’s slide into the deep dark pits of mental illness.

A twisted road  Photo credit: Marc Nozell A twisted road
Photo credit: Marc Nozell

Where days are spent under covers and when thoughts go to slicing through delicate wrist tissue.

Who wants to hear about that, right? Unless, of course, there is a message we can learn from it.

And yet, if, IF, there is a rise above that mental illness, we can often find ourselves with a new hero. Case in point, the…

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Who’s controlling Ukraine?

Just wondering the same thing. Russian military is going in

Anderson Cooper 360

Video that purportedly shows Russian helicopters over Ukrainian territory. There are reports of gunmen surrounding major airports. The Ukrainian government is describing the situation as an armed invasion. Today President Obama addressed the situation saying:

‘Just days after the world came to Russia for the Olympic Games, it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world.  And indeed, the United States will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine.”

Anderson discussed all of this with Ian Lee in Kiev, Diana Magnay in Crimea and Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto in Washington.

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Living with Depression~ You are NOT Alone!

It is 2014, it has been a big topic -from the stigma of depression (or any mental health issue), and how important our mental health is, how it is a real medical condition that one should seek treatment without any shame!  There is nothing to be ashamed about!   We are talking about a real medical condition,  like any other illness we seek treatment for.   Even with all of the recent attention, you would think that things may start to change.  I have yet to see this topic taken seriously.  Only when there is a tragedy and a mental health condition comes to the forefront, do we have the conversation, but as quickly as we have the conversation, it is just as quickly forgotten.

Just a few days ago, I was at a restaurant that had large screen tv’s on every wall, I was attempting my own conversation, which proved to be impossible due to the volume of the conversation 3 tables away, but it was  the topic, which captured the attention of all in an ear shot  to hear!   There were 3 people having lunch, and the conversation was one of them being diagnosed and dealing with depression.  I recall the advice given,” Don’t waste your money on those head shrinks, it’s a scam to bill your insurance.  All of us are depressed, why would you take these medications that actually make you a psycho.”   The conversation itself, as sad as it was, wasn’t what was so surprising to me, it was the age of the people and the way they appeared, very professional.  Not that I am in any way saying that appearance is a tell all, but I would of expected a little more from these people.  (At least lower their voices! )  If it were teenagers, one could write it off to life inexperience, however, these folks were well in their 40’s if not 50’s, (my age range), and truly, I was pretty surprised at the manner of which they were speaking about depression.  I was truly hoping there would be some changes out there in terms of mental health.  Mental health issues can be so debilitating, destructive and even tragic.  I’ve lost a few people in my life who could not deal with the pain any longer (mental pain).

If this is a topic that will help you or is of interest to you, please follow this blog.  I have gathered great information, and I’ve written a number of articles on this topic, that I will be sharing.  I am hoping to open more conversations on mental health.   Whether it’s you, or someone you know, all of us have been touched one way or another by this, and it must be taken seriously.  From our Doctors, friends, family, especially our government!  Depression is NOT simply someone sitting in the corner feeling sad for the moment, but they’ll get over it.  Far from it!  I am not a medical professional, I would never attempt to give medical advice, just speaking of this as we do any other illness.  As I started to say above, dealing with mental health issues can lead to family problems, work problems, substance abuse, acting out in abnormal ways to suicide.

Thank you for reading and again, I will be sharing some really great information, so keep this blog in mind!  The more people on board, the better.  Not to mention there could be an article you’ll see just at the right time.  I believe things can happen for a reason.

There are people who care!  Living with Depression – you are NOT alone!

Please fill out the contact form below and I will update you and share stories from others (anonymously ALWAYS):

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